The mission of The Each & Everyone Foundation is to advocate and pursue the development of vocational training programs for adults with intellectual differences. Our goal is to give individuals the support needed to pursue meaningful employment and independence in their community.

Our on-the-Job Training Setting serves adults with

Intellectual Differences at the  

Mingus Job Accelerator

Now accepting applications for Participants who are seeking meaningful employment within their own community. Come train with us!

Visit www.4mja.com for details

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The Each & Everyone Foundation was created in April, 2010 by parent advocate, Jan Underwood. Jan and Joe Underwood’s son, Austin Underwood, was born with Down Syndrome. After completing public school graduation at the age of 21,
Austin yearned to attend college just as his older sister, Sara, and younger brother, Anthony, had done. Little programming was available for Austin since he was unable to learn to read or do math. Even handling money was difficult. No programs existed in the state of Texas, so the Underwood’s were forced to look outside the state. Jan found a program in New Mexico, which Austin attended for one year, earning a “vocational degree”. The life skills, vocational skills and social skills that were experienced by Austin have served him well. He continues to showcase his accomplishments living as an independent, working, tax paying citizen who owns his own business and home.


The Each & Everyone Foundation resources are used for the support, creation, operation and development of community inclusive vocational training programs. EEO supports and assists with on-the- job training in conjunction with community businesses. EEO supports training and education for individuals who want to pursue a path to meaningful self-employment as well. The Each & Everyone Foundation is funded by the Riley Charitable Trust, Austin’s Underdawgs and private donations.

Here’s how you can help! 

The Mingus Job Accelerator

An amazing setting for adults with intellectual differences to gain skills in real-time on-the-job training. Our staff keeps a watchful eye on each person as they reach for their passion and take their newly learned skills back to their home community in the job of their dreams. The Application process begins with a phone call.  Our Residential program is now taking applications.  Register soon, as space is limited! Visit Mingus Job Accelerator to start your application today and learn more on how you can help.

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Our participants receive a lifetime of knowledge by attending training sessions at The Mingus Job Accelerator.  Whether the take away is job skills or simply an independent experience away from home for the first time, our participants will learn in an environment that is real, but with a level of supervision and compassion conducive for learning new life and job skills. The cost of training a participant is $700 per week. Not only do the participants enjoy independent living in one of our Tiny Houses, they also earn wages for up to 4 hours each day of their training.  All meals are provided and while the participants love the Chef prepared meals, they are also encouraged to prepare some meals for themselves in the restaurant kitchen.

Name the Gardens


 The time to plant is now! We enjoy our produce gardens as well as our fruit orchard, but maintaining the trees, beds and above ground gardens takes some revenue.   Your donation plants the seeds for meaningful employment and gives a lifetime of productivity and training for Adults with Intellectual Differences.

( SOLD 1 – 3 available)



 Living Large in a Tiny House

 A Timeshare offer for a donation of $17,500 gives our participants a comfy landing and learning spot during their stay and a retreat for you and yours for two weeks each year for 10 years. (5 available) 



Drive us to the Future 

 A 7 passenger Van Donation – A job training setting requires transportation needs for our participants to area shopping, grocery store visits, or medical emergency needs from MJA.  Our setting includes an animal rescue group, CARE which has weekly transportation needs.  The volunteers use their private vehicles but your generosity could make a difference for all of us. 
 ($30,000 cost) 





We raise money for our mission and projects in various ways.  One of our services is personalized embroidery and monograms!

We will provide you a 3 to 5 business day turnaround on most orders.  Our drop off and pick up location is at the Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop at 6120 Camp Bowie Blvd. in west Fort Worth, Texas.  We have a limited personal pick-up and drop-off service for a nominal charge within a 10 mile radius of our home office.  Visit www.plaidsnlogos.com today and place your order! Profits we receive go directly to support The Each & Everyone Foundation!

  Need a customized gift or business promotional items?  We customize tumblers, cutting boards, signs, kitchen items, anything that can be laser engraved, we can do!  Our prices start at a low $1 per minute with a $10 minimum.  Design services available. All of our profits are donated to the Each and Everyone Foundation.

Austin's Underdawgs


Austin’s Underdawgs is a Mobile Food Truck caterer whose efforts fund the Each & Everyone Foundation and provides a living wage job for owner, Austin Underwood.

We sell Meals with a Meaning and a Mission!

Austin Underwood has always dreamed of having a restaurant, but also has a love of travel and meeting new people daily. He also loves and cooks a darn good Hot Dog.

Austin and his Underdawgs not only serves as a for profit business, but has developed an opportunity to participate in what we have dubbed “Donations for Dawgs” for the foundation. Local organizations will receive 50% of the profit raised at each event for their participation and volunteer work.

Interested in owning your own business?  The Underdawgs Franchise is your path to meaningful self-employment.  Visit Austins Underdawgs